Carmen Norstrom

Former South African pageant queen, Carmen Norstrom is now an established entrepreneur and international business women, and founder of her own fashion brand Carmen Norstrom. Not only is her brand a up and coming creative pioneer in the industry, it also helps build South African start-up businesses and brands from the foundations to the showroom. Her style, philanthropic efforts and business mentorship programs are sought after, and for good reason. The name Carmen Norstrom is synonymous of transformative success.


Mrs. Norstrom’s house of sophistication and glamour is a fast growing site within the South African market and media landscape. This however all began from more than humble beginnings. Carmen Norstrom, formerly known as Carmen Cupido grew up in the small town Mosselbay, South Africa. Carmen Norstrom uplifted herself out of poverty from the shy age of 17. From growing up in a home that did not have enough money to buy shoes, Carmen Norstrom is building an empire that creates and manufactures high-end apparel, jewelry and much more. Her mission is to do for other South Africans what she did for herself 35 years ago. 


Carmen Norstrom is a native South African company, our goal is for the brand to mirror defining affordable luxury. The goal is to soon be a leading competitor in the world of department stores. Carmen Norstrom will not just be a clothing line but a brand invested in all goods made for quality and bought at a price worthy of its value. In a world of fads and trends we are selling timelessness…gift wrapped in ‘now’ which has always been and forever will be current.
Selling timelessness – how keep up with a forever changing quick pace market. Our goods wont change but the packaging will.

Carmen Norstrom Fashion